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What you'll get

This tour is for someone who plan to come and stay in Odessa for several days. The price is per day but it include - apartment in Derebasovskaja street. I will be able to meet you in the airport and of course bring you back at the date of your departure. I will show you the city, we will visit City Garden, look at our Potemkin Steps and of course Opera House.


{I will tell you about the history of the "First Bribe" monument. We will go to different parks and of couse I will tell you about the different customs of our city.

Our tour will start at our meeting. I will take you from the airport and will bring you to the apartment. Of course during our road, we can stop and make some shopping if you have wish. Or do it later.
If you feel well and ready to start to plunge into the history of the city, we will go round and I will show you all. We can make our plans for the next days, what places to visit.
I will be not only your guide, but your personal assistent and hope that even friend. I am sure that in some days, you will forget that you are tourist, you will feel like local.}
For group up to 2 person
What you'll get
Live guide
Duration 150 min.

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